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Type: Permanent, Full-Time
Category: Manufacturing and Production
Pay: $11 - $13 / Hour
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Palletizers take finished products to sort, transfer, and stack on pallets to be shipped to the DC for further procedures. They are responsible for reading production and delivery schedules, stacking patterns to determine sorting, arranging of the packages on a pallets, and the destination of the loaded pallets while meeting safety, quality, and production standards to ensure customer satisfaction, throughput, and total cost.
Basic computer skills beneficial and preferred. Attention to detail, basic math skills, and having the ability read, understand, and follow SOP’s and GMP’s is required. Focus on safety, quality, and productivity. Dependability, flexibility, energy, and efficiency is required.
6. Ability to communicate effectively with internal customers and work in a team or independently with a positive attitude is required. The abilities to adapt, multitask, and remain organized are required.

Ideal Candidate

Reads production and delivery schedules, along with stacking patterns to determine correct sorting and transfer procedures. Keeps track of the weights of the finished product and makes sure that all product has lids and is coded correctly. Seals and loads pallets from the hot room and seals and loads other barrels and totes.
Maintains and inspects palletizing area and cooler #2 on a regular basis. Delivers supplies to designated areas and stops equipment to clear jams. Stacks finished product on pallets, and transfers pallets to truck. Keeps pallets available, along with pallet sheets, sealer, labels and a list of product orders to be run. Runs Product though the sealer for yogurt. Palletizes boxes for the two-line.
10. Assists in cleaning vats, pumps, and assists with Master Sanitation Sheet (MSS). Helps cottage employees make boxes, load pallets, or cleaning vats. Performs other duties as assigned.

Additional Info

Must be able to meet all requirements of the position. High School Diploma or equivalency is required.

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