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Type: Permanent, Full-Time
Category: Manufacturing and Production
Pay: $20 - $20.12 / Hour
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Job Description

Manpower is looking for a great candidate for this new opportunity:

Job requirements include the following:

2 years + of manufacturing or demonstrated related experience.

*Assist in training "new" employees .

*Monitor Processes to insure it runs as designed.

*Improve process as necessary.

*Excellent leadership, interpersonal and problem solving skills.

*Must be able to read and follow engineering processes and standard work documents.

*Must have a working knowledge of assembly tools, techniques and product assembly methods and be self motivated and possess good mechanical abilities.

*Must be able to work irregular hours and odd shifts.

* Must be willing to develop technical skills in the areas of:

A.) Read Blueprints

B.) Understand general mechanical techniques;

C.) Understand hydraulic systems & installation techniques.

*Must be willing to work different stations on a daily basis.

*Must be physically able to perform all jobs on all assembly lines. Must be able to lift 45+lbs on regular basis.

*Must be able to work effectively with his/her peers as well as members of other departments, i.e., engineering and inspection.

* Must have a thorough understanding of the Toro manufacturing, engineering, quality, and material systems.


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $20.00 /hour

Ideal Candidate

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