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Type: Permanent, Full-Time
Category: Manufacturing and Production
Pay: $11 - $12 / Hour
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Operates machine tools to produce quality parts. Grind, sand, clean, or polish objects or parts to correct defects or to prepare surfaces for further finishing, using hand tools and power tools. Verify quality of finished workpieces by inspecting them, comparing them to templates, measuring their dimensions, or testing them in working machinery. Move controls to adjust, start, or stop equipment during grinding and polishing processes. Remove completed workpieces from equipment or work tables, using hand tools, and place workpieces in containers. Measure and mark equipment, objects, or parts to ensure grinding and polishing standards are met.
Polish materials, workpieces, or finished products. Clean workpieces or finished products. Smooth metal surfaces or edges. Compare physical characteristics of materials or products to specifications or standards. Measure dimensions of completed products or workpieces to verify conformance to specifications.

Ideal Candidate

Candidate that has experience with stainless steel would be ideal.

Additional Info

Previous experience required, but may provide some training for the right candidate.

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