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Type: Permanent, Full-Time
Category: Manufacturing and Production
Pay: $13 - $14 / Hour
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No résumé is required for this position.

1st Shift 5am to 3:30 and 2nd Shift 3:30 to 2:00 am

• Read and understand all manufacturing specifications -
• Apply graphics, bat grips, end caps, knobs and handle weights in accordance with all specifications
• Requires great detail

• Place preformed mandrels in mold
• Inject bats with resins per guidelines
• Remove molded bats from mold
• Start up and shut down resin dispensers
• Monitoring mold temperatures, resin temperatures, and gun pressures
• Clean molds for optimum performance

• Wash bats for dipping
• Mix paint for dipping
• Dip-paint bats
• Cure bats in oven
• Mix and apply two parts Clear coatings to sporting goods
• Conduct in-process conformance checks to ensure compliance with all quality standards
• Inspect and quality check all product

Preforming Worker
• Cut braid and Kevlar to specified lengths
• Apply proper braid and Kevlar onto mandrels according to specifications
• Hoop wrap carbon fiber to correct lengths according to specifications
• Remove bat shell from mandrel using mandrel puller
• Operate winder and wind bats to specifications
• Conduct in-process conformance checks to ensure compliance with all quality standards
• Sand and cut bats and

Table Rolling
• Cut pre-preg material
• Heat and wax mandrels
• Table roll sleeves
• Apply poly-wrap with automated hoop wrapper
• Cure sleeves in oven
• Remove cured sleeves on the mandrel puller
• Cut off poly wrap after curing
• Grind sleeves to weight and length specifications
• Conduct in process conformance checks to ensure compliance with all quality standards

Ability to stand, bend, stoop and pivot. Ability to stand fro 10 hours today. Availability to work overtime.

1st Shift - 5 am to 3:30 pm
2nd Shift - 3:30 pm to 2 am

Monday - Thursday - Some OT required

Ideal Candidate

Basic Math and Measurement Skills
Follow Safety Guidelines
Willing to learn and cross train.
Reliable Transportation
Ability to stand, bend, stoop and pivot. Ability to stand for 10 hours. Availability to work overtime.

Additional Info

Previous Production/Manufacturing Experience.
Ability to read and understand job requirements & details.
Attention to Detail

Opportunities for Advancement

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